tennille-e1441399711706Canadian born artist Tennille Rose Will has been a professional artist for nearly 20 years. Yearning to see the world from a young age she traversed the globe. Travelling from Europe to Australia, she met new collectors and gained material for her persistently inspired works. After several years of successful exhibitions and private sales abroad, Tennille returned to Canada. She currently resides in Toronto, where she is the owner of Rose Will Gallery + Studio in the heart of the burgeoning Dundas West neighbourhood.

Her work is an array of emotive figures expressed through vivid colour and fluid lines.  Producing art that is based upon her own experiences, Tennille Rose Will is intriguing, creating both excitement and serenity. Her belief is that we are influenced by inanimate surroundings. She hopes her work will both contribute to, and influence, a more introspective society.

Tennille’s creations come to life in an amalgamation of styles. The bright fauvist palette of Matisse and Derain, the patterning and sensuality of Klimt and the elongated shapes that become reminiscent of Modigliani are evident. All these different influences come together in what the artist simply calls “Tennillism”.

Check out more of her work at www.tennille.ca