Rachelface2Rachel SV Parry has been at work creating art since January of 2012. She works mainly in acrylic paint, but has been known to dabble in oil paint as well. Her subject matter is as varied as her imagination, but focuses on a style that is surrealistic in nature. She finds inspiration in many sources – from dirty jokes to misheard words, from political satire to popular culture, intellectual pursuit et al.

Creating art is Rachel’s passion but her artistic nature can been seen as she pursues both knowledge and comedy with vigour. She reads any and every book that she can get her hands on, and also performs in a sketch dram-edy once a month called “Belleville-ville”. Her love of reading and exploring has lead her to read several textbooks from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s, on everything from psychology to anthropology, some on nutrition, some on the biospheres, and numerous biographies of greats who’ve come and gone. She fancies herself an expert on dated and probably disproven things. This knowledge and curiosity can be seen explored through her works of art.

Rachel’s art is driven by humanitarian causes. She believes in equal rights, freedoms and fair treatment of all people. She also believes in veggie burritos, which are amazing.